MASKK Receives £41,522 to bring Families First to Lowedges

MASKK started our Families First project in the Manor area in 2014, it was started thanks to a grant of £43,964 from money raised by HealthRich through The Health Lottery. Now 6 months after that grant came to an end our Family activities continue in the Manor thanks to skilled local volunteers who were recruited, given experience, and trained over the two years of the project. MASKK are confident that the cycle will also continues with 2 more volunteers recruited already this year who are working towards their NVQ Level 3 in Playwork.

The success of the project attracted interest from other groups and charities in Sheffield, and so, now we will be taking our knowledge and experience to Lowedges, with the aim of recreating this success and creating activities for families in an area with limited things to do.
This is being made possible because MASKK have received a £41,522 grant from money raised by HealthRich through The Health Lottery. The funding will enable MASKK, working with LBJ Forum, to create a Families First project for the community in Lowedges.

The project will be based in the newly refurbished Lowedges Community Centre and led by the MASKK team including Craig and Joanna.

Starting April, MASKK will be working with the The Lowedges, Batemoor and Jordanthorpe Forum, St Peter’s Church and Food Cycle to provide weekly ‘Family Tea Time’ for local families, where they can enjoy a meal together for only a suggested donation of £1 each.

The project will also create a new breakfast club that local parents can access and bring their young children to. Monthly workshops will be delivered for local parents to learn more about Play and running their own activities so that they can be equipped to get involved in running local activities for local families. These volunteers will be given access to training and support that equips them not only to volunteer in their community but gain employment too.

Charity manager Craig Judson, said: “This grant will enable MASKK to duplicate the successful work being delivered in the Manor estate and take the lessons learned to Lowedges. After the initial two years of funding we are confident that we can recruit and support volunteers to continue the work so that families in the Lowedges area can build and grow a successful range of activities for their children and families. Not only does this project bring people together, because everyone is welcome to join in, but it supports those families who may be experiencing financial difficulties and in need, no-one will be judged if they cannot put a donation in. We want the whole community to feel part of the project and so adults who maybe don’t want to support the children’s play can help out in other ways too! Food Cycle will be supporting people who wish to volunteer in the kitchen and work with the food, or people are welcome to help just by saying hello to people and making the sessions welcoming.”

For more information please come along and speak to us in person at the re-launch of the Lowedges Community Centre on Easter Monday, for details click here: –

People are welcome to email or call Craig on 07784465026.

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